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About Lander

Born in 1994. Works and lives in Dendermonde. Master degree Visual Arts at Royal Academie for Fine Arts Ghent Co-founder artist collective ZONDERLAND Founder of artist-run space and tattoo studio Niemandsland

Lander creates an atmosphere with his paintings where his sculptural background is never far away. Sculptures emerge in his paintings as megalithic structures that connect nature with architecture. Because of this, a new unique universe arises showing the playful connection of rough brushstrokes combined with smooth geometric forms.

Each painting tries to invite the viewer to step into them and experience the landscapes in their own personal way.

Through that dreamy wandering, by trying to step into the painting and through the observation of previous work, Lander continues to find inspiration and new creations emerge.

Together with Ward Dhoore they have the Zonderland art collective, an audio-visual project which combines Lander Cardon’s visual art and Ward Dhoore’s accompanying soundtracks.

Besides painting, Lander has a passion for creating organic tattoos that flow over the skin to accentuate the movement of each unique body part as an additional layer based on the unique story of the customer. They accentuate form and feeling, movement and elegance, strength and softness, the explosive but also the austere. These are tattoo sessions that are almost inevitably linked to the ritual process of change.


2024: LOPEND VUUR/ CC Belgica, Dendermonde (BE)

2023: MUSEUMNACHT Antwerpen/ Snijders&Rockoxhuis, Antwerpen (BE)

2023: ÀMARE/ Beeldenroute, Damme (BE)

2023: Zonderland performance, S.M.A.K. (Zaal1), Gent (BE)

2023: OMGEVING CELBETON/ CC Belgica, Dendermonde (BE)


2023: OEVERLOOS, Zonderland/ Parlor, Gent (BE)

2022: MUSEUMNACHT Gent/ Public space in front of S.M.A.K. & MSK Gent (BE)

2022: Nude not Rude/ Niemandsland, Dendermonde (BE)

2022: OEVERLOOS, Zonderland/ Huysmanhoeve, Eeklo (BE)

2021: OEVERLOOS, Zonderland/ Niemandsland, Dendermonde (BE)

2019: BLAUWHAUS, curator Wim Wauman, kasteel Blauwendael, Waasmunster (BE)

2019: GRINDHOUSE CULT VI/ Maison des cultures de Saint-Gilles, Brussel (BE)

2017: RAW MEANS/ Plagiarama, curator Yuna Mathieu-Chovet, Rivoli building, Brussel (BE)

2017: Art Fair: OFF COURCE, Young Contemporary Art, Kunstberg 5, Brussel (BE)